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About Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue

Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue has two main purposes:

Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue was founded by accident in 1995. A former roommate abandoned a sheltie with the founder, Lisa Martin. Not knowing anything about the breed, Lisa researched for information that would educate her on Shelties. Through email, she met Dorothy Christiansen, National Sheltie Rescue Coordinator. The rest is history. Since 1995, WSR has rescued over 850 dogs and has mentored other rescue organizations through their own startup phase.

Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue is an all-volunteer group that grows every year by the number of adopters dedicated to helping dogs lead the “sheltied” life. All WSR dogs are beloved family members, some are also agility and obedience champions.

Shelties come to rescue at all ages, from puppy to 15+ years. The breakdown in age of WSR shelties is:

No matter the age or background, each dog has the potential to "lead the sheltied life." There is a perfect home out there for each dog, and WSR helps that home find their perfect dog. Perfection in home and dog has little to do with housekeeping and adherence to breed standard. Perfection has everything to do with the “match.” WSR constantly strives to create that perfect match between human and canine.

General information about our adoption process:

Our mission is to find the best home for the dogs in our program, so they make a smooth transition to their forever home. Having an approved application on file is the best way for you to know of all the dogs in the WSR program, as well as for us to know of the greatest opportunities for the dogs in our care.

You can become a pre-approved adopter by completing an adoption application, even if you don't (yet!) see a dog on this site you like -- this will give you the opportunity to express your preferences for the kind of dog who will fit into your life and family. NOTE - all adopters are required to complete an application.

If you are interested in any of the dogs available through Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue, please fill out the application form prior to emailing or calling. We are an all-volunteer group and work full time jobs as well as run a rescue. We do try to respond to all inquiries promptly, but it may take a day or two. Any spare time we have is spent taking care of the dogs looking for homes. While most dogs who come into Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue are posted on this page, a few go right to success. The dogs who went directly to success went home to pre-approved adopters.

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